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Laocai Sapa Transfer

The Hanoi - Lao Cai train stops at valley of Lao Cai, just 40 km from Sapa; to reach Sapa, you need to travel an hour more by shuttle buses or private car.
The buses stops at Sapa's main post office, leaving you with some minutes walk into town center. It can also drop you at your hotel, depending upon the location of the hotel.

The tourist bus back to Lao Cai leaves from outside Sapa's church, but usually it can pick you up at your hotel. You can ask the staff at your hotels for getting a bus ticket back to Lao Cai Railway Station.

Bus transfer LaoCai-Sapa-Laocai: US$ 4 for one pax for one way
Private transfer LaoCai-Sapa-Laocai 7 Seater: US$ 30 for one way


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